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Continuum of Services

Supported Education

Supported education is a level of special education service provided by a special education teacher within the general education classroom, in a setting outside of the general education classroom, or a combination of both. The location of the service is dependent on the level of support that the student requires and will be discussed by the IEP team.

Self-Contained Classrooms

Self-contained classrooms are designed to allow a more intensive level of special education instruction that typically spans several class subjects. It can also assist those students who need regulation strategies in order to be available for the learning process.

Alternative Public Day School

At the high school level, District 204 operates an alternative public day school designed to meet the needs of students who have emotional, sensory, and behavioral challenges. This setting has a therapeutic nature to the delivery of instruction and recognizes the strengths of each learner. When appropriate, students are reintegrated within their home high school for periods of the day in which they can be successful. 

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