Administrative Offices

Superintendent Karen Sullivan  630-375-3010
Chief Academic Officer Kathy Pease   630-375-3040
Asst. Superintendent, High Schools Louis Lee 630-375-3025
Asst. Superintendent, Middle Schools Brad Hillman 630-375-3025
Asst. Superintendent, Elementary Laura Devine-Johnston 630-375-3025
Asst. Superintendent, Human Resources Doug Eccarius 630-375-3055
Chief School Business Official Jay Strang 630-375-3070
Asst. Superintendent, Technology Services Stan Gorbatkin   630-375-3090
Asst. Superintendent, Student Services Jennifer Law 630-375-3060  
Executive Director, Communication Services Janet Buglio 630-375-3014
Executive Director, Research & Assessment Patrick Nolten 630-375-3033
Director, Building Operations Todd DePaul 630-375-3775  
Director, Instructional Technology Allan Davenport 630-375-3360  
Director, Encore Curriculum Scott Horsch 630-375-3043  
Director, Support Services Tim Keeley 630-375-3072
Director, Educational Effectiveness Becky Mack 630-375-3069
Director, Core Curriculum, HS Joshua Ruland 630-375-3096
Director, Core Curriculum, MS Mary Kelly 630-375-3045
Director, Core Curriculum, ES Jason Bednar 630-375-3066
Director, English Language Learners Rafael Segarra 630-375-3359
Director, Educational Equity Ivette Dubiel 630-375-3877
Director, Digital Learning Eric (Kip) Pygman 630-375-3791
Director, Student Services Michelle Ferris 630-375-1203
Assistant Director, Student Services Sarah Fies 630-375-6337
Assistant Director, Student Services Elizabeth Jansen 630-428-3363
Assistant Director, Student Services Candy Michelli 630-375-3031
Assistant Director, Student Services Kimberly Miller 630-375-1204
Assistant Director, Student Services Julie Salamone 630-375-3492
Asst. Director of Residency & Registration / Homeless Liaison Terri Drendel 630-375-3856
Coordinator, Community Relations Jason Altenbern 630-375-3017
Lead Web Developer Greg Gibson 630-375-3036


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Street Address

Crouse Education Center (map)

780 Shoreline Drive

Aurora, IL 60504

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