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Building Rental Information

Use above Calendar Link to research availability of Gyms or to verify status of an existing Rental Reservation in a GYM. In the Calendar, select DAILY LIST and sort-by LOCATION for the dates you are researching.

If you are looking for YOUR reservation, then sort-by GROUP.

Lined thru listing indicates the date time was booked earlier and has been cancelled. Review other listed events to see if the date/time has been re-booked by another organization.

1. Gyms in Brookdale, Cowlishaw, and Patterson are seldom available.

2. Any Gym is NOT AVAILABLE when:

    • It is already booked to another renter.
      "Confirmed" status means it is booked.
      "Tentative" means it has been requested but not yet Confirmed to renter.
    • Gym-Date in requested building is titled NO RENT DAY
      (see list below of 2017-18 NO RENT dates in Elementary and Middle Schools)
    • School-wide events may not be shown in this View (e.g.: concert, graduation, open house, etc.).
      [Check the school's online calendar at their website for this info.]

3. If gym appears to be available: submit an Application to District Office, or...

4. If you already have an open Reservation (“permit”), email with ALL required details: Your RESERVATION Number, School, specify ‘Gym’, Date(s), Access-time, Start-Time, End-time, activity and estimated attendance). Request addition to your open permit.

Missing information will prevent processing your request. Confirmations will go to the Permit Owner.

Allow 7 working days to process your request. Email requests for add/cancel/change are only accepted from the owner of the open Permit. The Permit owner will receive a CONFIRMATION email if and when the request has been accepted.

No Rent Dates

The following are NO RENT dates in ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS for the 2017-2018 school year: (These dates have been designated for school activities)

  • Aug – All Dates
  • Sep 13-W, 19-TU, 27-W
  • Oct 4-W, 11-W, 25-W
  • Nov 20-M, 29-W
  • Dec 6-W, 12-TU, 19-TU
  • Jan 24-W, 30-TU
  • Feb 8-TH, 12-M, 28-W
  • Mar 12-M, 21-W
  • Apr 5-TH, 17-TU, 25-W
  • May 2-W, 7-M

The following are NO RENT dates in MIDDLE SCHOOLS for the 2017-2018 school year: (These dates have been designated for school activities)

  • Aug – All Dates
  • Sep 6-W, 12-TU, 18-M
  • Oct 16-M, 23-M, 30-M
  • Nov 6-M, 28-TU
  • Dec 7-TH, 13-W, 18-M
  • Jan 22-M, 25-TH, 31-W
  • Feb 7-W, 21-W, 26-M
  • Mar 14-W, 19-M
  • Apr 9-M, 19-TH, 24-TU
  • May 1-TU, 9-W, 14-M

Parent/Teacher Conferences, Election Day, the Last Day of School along with 
Holidays are considered building NO RENT dates.

  • Sep 4-M;
  • Oct. 9-M;
  • Nov 9-TH, 13-M, 22-W, 23-TH, 24-F;
  • Dec 24-Jan 7; 15-M;
  • Feb 19-M;
  • Mar 1-TH, 19-M, 20-TU; Mar. 26-30;
  • May 28-M, 31-TH;
  • Jul 4-W

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