IPSD 204

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Administrative Offices

TitleNamePhoneEmail Superintendent Adrian Talley 630-375-3010 adrian_talley@ipsd.org Deputy Superintendent Doug Eccarius 630-375-3040 douglas_eccarius@ipsd.org Chief School Business Official Jay Strang 630-375-3070 jay_strang@ipsd.org Interim Asst. Superintendent, High Schools Brad Hillman 630-375-3025 brad_hillman@ipsd.org Asst. Superintendent, Middle Schools Brad Hillman 630-375-3025 brad_hillman@ipsd.org Asst. Superintendent, Elementary Laura Rosenblum 630-375-3025 laura_rosenblum@ipsd.org Asst. Superintendent, Human Resources Louis Lee 630-375-3055 louis_lee@ipsd.org Asst. Superintendent, Student Services Christina Sepiol 630-375-3060 christina_sepiol@ipsd.org Executive Director, Communication Services Janet Buglio 630-375-3014 janet_buglio@ipsd.org Executive Director, Educational Equity Jennifer Rowe 630-375-3877 jennifer_rowe@ipsd.org
Executive Director, Research & Assessment Charles Sprandel 630-375-3033 charles_sprandel@ipsd.org Director, Building Operations Todd DePaul 630-375-3775 todd_depaul@ipsd.org Director, Core Curriculum, HS Michael Purcell 630-375-3096 michael_purcell@ipsd.org Director, Core Curriculum, MS Tarah Fowler 630-375-3045 tarah_fowler@ipsd.org Director, Core Curriculum, ES Joan Peterson 630-375-3066 joan_peterson@ipsd.org Director, Digital Learning Laura Nylen 630-375-3793 laura_nylen@ipsd.org Director, Educational Effectiveness Candy Michelli 630-375-3031 candy_michelli@ipsd.org Director, Elective Curriculum Grant Sahr 630-375-3796 grant_sahr@ipsd.org Director, English Language Learners Rafael Segarra 630-375-3359 rafael_segarra@ipsd.org Director, Innovation Brian Giovanini 630-375-3043 brian_giovanini@ipsd.org Director, Student Services Michelle Gallo 630-375-3307 michelle_gallo@ipsd.org Director, Student Services Elizabeth Jansen 630-375-3363 elizabeth_jansen@ipsd.org Director, Student Services Kimberly Miller 630-375-3976 kimberly_miller@ipsd.org Director, Support Operations Ronald Johnson 630-375-3072 ronald_johnson@ipsd.org Assistant Director, Student Services Jaime Culp 630-375-1204 jaime_culp@ipsd.org Assistant Director, Student Services Amy Galvan 630-375-3492 amy_galvan@ipsd.org Assistant Director, Student Services Jasmine Sloan 630-375-3069 jasmine_sloan@ipsd.org Assistant Director, Student Services Molly Victor 630-375-3385 molly_victor@ipsd.org Assistant Director, Community Relations Lisa Barry 630-375-3017 lisa_barry@ipsd.org Lead Web Designer/Developer Greg Gibson 630-375-3036 greg_gibson@ipsd.org Communication and Media Producer Clayton Urbanick 630-375-3078 clayton_urbanick@ipsd.org