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Graham PTA - 5th Grade Video Directions

Reported by on 5/4/20

Dear 5th grade Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Our 5th graders are moving onto Crone! No one expected the year to end in Remote Learning. Even though we are not together, we want to make sure we are giving our 5th
graders a proper Graham send off!

We are working to make a super special 5th-grade video complete with the all previous grade level teachers’ well wishes and digital clap off from staff! There will be a live viewing with all 5th graders and their families of the video on
Wednesday, May 27th. But to help make the video AMAZING - we will need your help!

Google folders have been set up at:

These Google folders will allow parents to upload and add pictures into 11 different folders.

The pictures uploaded will be used to make the video!

We will be including the baby pictures that have been added to the yearbook – but we would also like to have a Kindergarten and 5th grade portrait/photo of each student uploaded to the correct class folder (MOSS or TROYER). It does not have to be a school picture – it can be any picture from kindergarten and 5th grade (send us your favorites!). Please make sure the picture is of just your child.

When uploading, please upload the picture as you would like the name to appear in the slide show….so if your child prefers a shortened name/nickname please upload the photo that way.

For example, Jennifer Doe’s pictures would be uploaded like this:
Jenny Doe K.jpg
Jenny Doe 5.jpg

Try to include a quality portrait photo of just your child, no other faces, etc. If you only have a printed photo, please take a clear photo on your Smartphone/iPad and use that as a digital file to save and upload.

If you have any questions on the format or need assistance with getting the pictures into the right folder – please contact Tracie Skindzier at

We would also like to include photos of the 5th grade student during their time at Graham (2014-2020). If you have any photos saved that match the categories listed in these folders, please feel free to upload and share (any file name works but please use only JPG/PNG images).

Also, please include in the file name the approximate grade the photos were captured so we know the timeline to add them to the video. These pictures need to be
group shots or pictures of multiple kids. We are not looking for individual pictures.

Categories include: 1st day of school; Harvest Parties, Jump Rope for Heart, Last Day of School, Music/Arts, Sports, Valentines Day Parties, and Winter Party.

There is also a “Miscellaneous” folder for pictures that may not fit into the established folders.

NOTE: These photos are intended solely for the purpose of the 5th grade video, not for any outside sharing or posting. Only those with the link can access the link; no public search views are active. Photos will be deleted at the end of the year. All photos submitted may not be included in the final video.

However, we will try our best to use as many pictures as possible!
We would like to receive all photos by Monday, May 11th.

Graham School & Graham PTA

Directions for 5th grade video (pdf)

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