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Property Pick Up Information for 5/21/20

Reported by on 5/18/20

Dear Graham Families,

As you may be aware, we are able to provide families with an opportunity to retrieve any belongings a student might have at school. You should turn in LMC books and textbooks at the same time. Students will keep their Chromebooks for the summer. Teachers have completed the process of bagging and labeling student materials for parent/guardian contact-free curbside pick-up. Please note homeroom teachers will not be on-site during the property pickup.

On Thursday, May 21st, drive to Graham to pick up your child(ren)’s materials and drop off text / LMC books. Please use the map below to follow the directions for the student property pickup. Something that will be different for those that use the car rider line, vehicles will enter the circle drive from the Chokeberry direction and drive the circle in the opposite direction from the way it is usually driven. It is very important that the traffic pattern is adhered to, as this is the district approved plan. The Naperville Police Department is aware of the property pickup date and times. When you are in line, please put use your hazards to indicate you are part of the line. There will be Graham Elementary and Graham Preschool staff outside the entrance to the line to assist. Please follow the directions of all staff members who are outside. In the case of severe weather, the make-up day will be May 22. (See FAQ below)

The schedule for pick up on May 21st is as follows:

Last names A-C 9:00-9:30

Last names D-H 9:30-10:00

Last names I-L 10:00-10:30

Last names M-P 10:30-11:00

Last names Q-S 11:00-11:30

Last names T-Z 11:30-12:00

Please remember you must drive to the school using the car line. Please be mindful that vehicles will enter onto High Meadow from the west side of the subdivision. To maintain social distancing, we can NOT accommodate people on foot. In the interest of safety for you and for our staff, we ask that you follow these procedures when you arrive for your scheduled pick-up time:

Anyone Sick or with COVID-19 Symptoms should NOT participate

Please review the map below for traffic flow (regular drop off/pick up line)

Create a sign (8 ½ x 11 paper size) with your child(ren)’s LAST NAME, First name

Place the sign on the dashboard, visible to the staff.

If you are picking up items for a neighbor, put all last names in the window

Drivers should turn on their hazard flashers while they are in line.

Be prepared to return library books and textbooks. Students will keep Chromebooks for the summer. Place them in a plastic bag with your child’s name on the bag and put the bag in your car’s trunk. If possible, separate items from the classroom (teachers' personal classroom books) from LMC materials with barcodes on them.

Enter the carline, heading from the west on High Meadow Road.

Once your car reaches the designated spot, please open the trunk and/or side door.

DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE. A staff member will place your child’s items in your trunk and collect the items in your trunk that you are returning. Make sure your child’s name is on the bag for the items you are returning.

Staff will not be going into the building to retrieve other items.

If you have medication or medical devices to pick-up from the school nurse, please drive your car to the nurse’s pickup station in the staff parking lot. A staff member will bring items to you outdoor #4 from the gym and place them in your trunk.

Items not picked up by May 29 will be donated.

Please review the FAQ’s below

Be patient, Be safe!

FAQs -

What if I’m sick?
STAY HOME! Email the classroom teacher.

Can I have someone else pick up the school items for me?
YES! Have them put your last name in their window - multiple pick-ups in one car, use multiple last names.
Medication pick-ups require a Driver’s License. If someone else is picking up medications from the nurses
pick up station (adjacent to the flag pole), please email before May 20th, 4:00 pm

What if I can’t come on May 20th?
Email Ms. Walton or Mrs. Stone

What if I have classroom/textbooks borrowed from the teacher that are not barcoded as in, not for the LMC?
Please put those in a separate bag with the class name (ex: KM or Ms. Morgano), and we will get them to the teacher later.

What if my Chromebook camera or speaker doesn’t work right?
Hang onto it. Tech support is not collecting/replacing any Chromebooks at this time for repair unless you’ve been instructed by tech or Mrs. Shiles to turn it in.

Can I drop off _____ for the teacher or someone else?
No, sorry.

Can my kids ride along, and will they be able to wave to their teacher?
No, teachers are packing materials in the school the week before and are not on-site May 21st. Other staff will be working on the pick-up line. We need to keep the line moving, so sadly, we cannot make this a social event. We suggest even keeping the kids at home if possible.

Do I need a mask?
All social distancing and Covid-19 guidelines for public places should be followed. Staff will also wear masks & gloves.

What if there is severe weather?
We will use ConnectEd to notify you IF we need to postpone the event due to severe weather. Our make-up date if needed is Fri. May 22, 2020

What if I'm moving this summer?
Still, pick up personal belongings on the 21st and keep Chromebooks for now, but also email or for further information.

Map (pdf)

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