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Classroom Community Meetings

Reported by on 2/1/17

This year several classrooms are holding weekly student-led Community Meetings facilitated by our building social worker. Students work together each week to discuss classroom issues, solve problems, and share compliments about positive things that students are noticing about each other. Students love these meetings, especially the giving and receiving of compliments and the fact that one of their own classmates is leading the meeting (with help from the social worker). Recent comments made from a 4th grade class . . .
• “we learn from the meetings”
• Community meetings are important to me because I learn from my mistakes and I get better at being respectful, responsible, kind, and safe”
• It helps me stay focused through the week, it helps me follow the simple rules of kindness, lets me express my ideas and feelings”
• It gives us a chance to express our feelings and learn from each other in a safe space”
• “listening to others helps me to know the right or wrong thing to do or say”
• “This is a time to fix our own problems”
• “it encourages people to stop blaming people and just be kind”
• “my most favorite thing about Community Meetings is having fun”
• “it lets us get some down time”
• “we have time to reflect on if we are doing the right thing or wrong thing”
• “we can talk about class problems and solve them as a group”
• “I am really trying to succeed as a great student. Community meetings are helping me”
• “I can get nice compliments from people”
• “It helps me not talk out of turn”
• “I get awesome compliments and I love the compliments because they’re so kind and helpful when I’m feeling down”
• “It helps people share stuff and talk to their friend”
• “I think it is helping with all of our problems”
Longwood students are learning to be reflective learners and think about their learning and their actions. These community meetings definitely help students with this skill.

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