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Young Dismissal Procedures

Reported by on 7/26/18

Young Dismissal Procedures

Dear Young Parents,

Here are a few notes to help parents and students with end of the day dismissal. For your reference, please find attached a map that shows where students go for dismissal each day. Please discuss with your child how they will go home each day as well as where in the building they will go for dismissal.

Also, attached is the Student Arrival/Dismissal Form. All students are required to have a Student Arrival/Dismissal Form completed by their parent. Classroom teachers and office staff use this document to know how your child will come to school and most importantly leave at the end of each school day. Please make sure to complete this form and turn it in to the classroom teacher at Meet & Greet or on the first day of school. Arrival/Dismissal Form

Please contact the school with any questions.

Thank you,
Ms. Morgan
Principal, Young School

Car Pick-Up & Drop-Off Zone: The Car Pick-Up and Drop-Off Zone is the safest way to pick-up and drop-off your student while in a vehicle. The car drop off line is a "Kiss and Ride". This means the students exit the car on the curb side while parents stay in the car. To keep parents and students safe, we ask that students exit the vehicle on the curb side and that parents stay inside their vehicles.

**Please follow staff directions.
**Pull your car all the way forward before stopping to let your child out.
**The entire semi-circle is used to unload and load vehicles. We load the circle with
vehicles, exit students, and then allow cars to leave.
**Please do not back up in the car pick-up line.
**Remain in the vehicle at all times. If you should have a question, staff is equipped
with radios and can relay information to the office staff.

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety: Thank you for helping maintain a safe and sound environment for our students through the review of the arrival and dismissal reminders listed below.
*Crossing Guards: Please remember to follow the traffic directions of the crossing
**Stop Signs: Please remember to make a complete stop at the stop signs.
**Walkers and Bike/Scooter Riders: It is important to note that students are only to
cross at Liberty and Asbury or Crestview and Asbury at the crosswalk with the
crossing guard. Students and younger sibling are to walk their bikes/scooters when
they are on school grounds.
**No Dogs at Arrival and Dismissal: For the safety of our students, we ask that
parents refrain from bringing dogs onto school property during arrival and dismissal
time periods.

Parking: School buses use the front driveway for loading and unloading. Cars are not permitted in the circle drive between 8:45 am – 9:05 am and 3:15 pm – 3:45 pm due to bus drop-off and pick-up. This time will be adjusted for ten minutes later on Wednesday mornings due to the late arrival. Please obey all traffic control signs and curb markings. There is NO PARKING on the right hand side of the circle drive due to fire code.

If you choose to park across the street from the school which is not school district property, please have your child utilize the crosswalk and our crossing guard at Liberty and Asbury. If you choose not to use the safest route of crossing Asbury at the crosswalk, you must walk your child back and forth across Asbury Dr. Your child will not be allowed to cross Asbury unless you physically escort them. In the past, parents have received warnings from the local police about jaywalking.

Arrival Dismissal Form (pdf)

Student Arrival Dismissal Routes (pdf)

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