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What is a Council?

The council is organized under the authority of the Illinois PTA for the purpose of conference, leadership training, and coordination of the efforts of local PTA/PTSA units.

What is the purpose of a Council?

A council serves the following purposes:

    • Provide for the cooperation and conference in matters of the welfare of children and youth.
    • Provide for the cooperation and conference of local PTA/PTSA units in council membership so as to create a public opinion favorable to the interests of child welfare; encourage child welfare projects in the various local units, and assist in the formation of new PTAs/PTSAs in cooperation with Illinois PTA.
    • Unify and strengthen local PTA/PTSA units comprising the council.
    • Promote the interests of National PTA and Illinois PTA within its council territory.
    • Initiate action in matters of common interest within council boundaries, when supported by a majority vote of the local PTA/PTSA units in membership.

What does a Council do?

The council exists to help its PTA units function effectively. The council contributes to a stronger, more effective PTA organization by providing local units and their leaders with: 1) guidance in all PTA matters, 2) information, and 3) inspiration and support. The council provides a forum and opportunity for all local units to communicate and cooperate with one another, thereby increasing effectiveness and capacity for service because of their united strength.

A council provides the opportunity for PTA/PTSA units to address issues which encompass, but reach beyond the local school and neighborhood. A council heightens awareness, translates resolutions into action, and works in coalition with school boards, administrators and others in the community for the betterment of children. A council provides another opportunity for local units to be involved in child advocacy issues.

The organization shall work with the schools and community to provide quality education for all children and youth and shall seek to participate in the decision-making process establishing school policy, recognizing that the legal responsibility to make decisions has been delegated by the people to boards of education, state education authorities, and local education authorities.

A council can develop good public relations and serve as a two-way channel of communication between school boards and the public. A council provides an organization through which the member PTA units can work with the school board and the administrators of the school system.

The organization shall work to promote the health and welfare of children and youth, and shall seek to promote collaboration among parents, schools and the community at large.

The organization may cooperate with other organizations and agencies concerned with child welfare, but its representatives shall make no commitments as an individual that bind the group represented.

All council projects, plan of work, and fundraisers shall be approved by a vote of the delegate body.

What Shall a Council not do?

The council shall not:

    • Legislate for local units
    • Impose any action on the local PTA/PTSA units
    • Dictate to local units
    • Duplicate the work of local units
    • Create rules or take action involving member units without their consent