Indian Prairie Project Arrow PTA

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  • 10/5/21 - Tentative First Meeting



The goals of the Indian Prairie Project Arrow PTA are to:

  • Work with the school district to provide the best educational experience for gifted and talented children and help them reach their full potential
  • Provide a local community support group for parents, guardians, families and educators of gifted and talented children
  • Inform legislators, school board members, educators, and the community about the unique challenges of giftedness and the importance of gifted programming
  • Be a resource of information on gifted services and community programs


Direct questions or comments to IPPA PTA officers or

  • David Sundstrom - President
  • Kara Symon - Vice President
  • Krishna Voora - Secretary
  • Vinoz Chanamolu - Treasurer


The Indian Prairie Project Arrow PTA was officially chartered on February 12, 2009 with assistance from the Indian Prairie Parents' Council and Illinois PTA.  Following a vote to organize a new PTA, members were enrolled, elected officers, and voted for the Indian Prairie Project Arrow PTA to join IPPC.