Fee Schedule

Please find below a list of required registration fees. Contact your school for a more complete list of optional and consumable* fees.

Registration Fee Fee Amount
Kindergarten (half day) $73.00
Kindergarten (full day) and Grade 1 $145.00
Grades 2-5 $145.00
Grades 6-8 $180.00
Grades 9-12 $195.00
STEPS $155.00

Athletics & Activities Fee Amount
Grades 6-8 $125/$250 max.
Grades 9-12 $200/$400 max.
Driver's Ed. Fee Amount
Grades 9-12: Driver's Education $375

* - Consumable Fees:
Applies to middle and high school courses that use consumable materials, including workbooks and supplies, as part of the coursework for certain classes. This fee will apply to foreign language, business education, applied technology, advanced placement music theory and selected high school art classes.