Equity in Action: Our Ongoing Work

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Building Equity Teams

Each building will support a building equity team. The building team will have a designated team member (this can be a building administrator or a teacher leader) that will attend a monthly meeting with the Executive Director of Educational Equity and also representatives from the District-level Equity Team.

The focus will be on:

  • Creating a district-wide common culture with a focus on equity
  • Support systemic change
  • Create a more collaborative learning community
  • Train, support and guide buildings in their work to provide inclusive classrooms that are actively engaged in effective anti-racist education

District Equity Leadership Team (DELT)

Foster a team of learners that will be able to drive our vision. This team will work to create an environment where all of our educators understand our common focus on equity work in the district.

This team will help to support the work by:

  • Creating and sustaining a team that meets regularly (develop a calendar and agenda)

  • Facilitating key areas of the action plan

  • Actively working to drive equity initiatives in their buildings, departments, curricular areas, community and leadership

  • Empower educators to engage in equity work/anti-racist teaching

Equity Ambassadors

Team of teacher-leaders that support the equity work of the district.

Areas of focus are:

  • Continuing the development of a strong,inclusive and engaged team that is able to support colleagues as they grow as culturally responsive educators that support anitracist educational practices
  • Development of trainings/learning opportunities that this embedded team can teach and support
  • Expand reach of systemic equity work

Teaching and Learning

Work to foster culture of learning, sharing and teaching about race/equity/diversity/inclusion where educators will see this as an ongoing process with various touch points they can access

Equity Team (this is inclusive of Teaching & Learning) will facilitate this work through:

  • Development of an Equity Summer Summit
  • Development of District-wide Equity Challenge (fall/winter)
  • Affinity Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • PD on Demand
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Workshop
  • Professional Experiences(Naper Settlement, North Central College and NIU (Social Justice Camp)

Hiring and Retention of Diverse Teaching Staff

Continue the work that the DELT and HR Teams were engaged in last year. The Focus will be on:

  • Reviewing processes that we shared last year and work to hold building administrators responsible for implementing them.
  • Continue to build on outreach to universities
  • Support new hires via affinity group opportunities
  • Connections to Grow-Your-Own


Students from all three high schools will meet together to share their perspectives about issues of social justice and our schools. This group will work together to problem-solve equity issues, will give their ideas for change and will also work on a collection action project.