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What has emergency training looked like in the past for our district?

Previously, our district has trained on lockdown, secure building and hold in place. Lockdown response has been criticized for not taking into account the variety of factors that can occur. For instance, incidents might occur while students are outside of the classroom in the hallway or at lunch.

What do law enforcement officials recommend?

Because no single response fits all events, it is recommended that individuals know the options and can act decisively to select the best course of action. Law enforcement officials recommend as best practice that school personnel be trained in ALICE to respond to a threatening incident.

What is ALICE?

ALICE stands for Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate. The components are not sequential and do not constitute a checklist. If a threatening situation occurs, trained staff will need to rely on the information at hand and their own judgment to determine the safest course of action. The approach is an alternative to the more passive lockdown approach of the past. ALICE is designed to empower individuals to lead others to safety.

  • ALERT: When someone first becomes aware of a threat, sound an alarm using plain and specific language to alert others to the threat.
  • LOCKDOWN: Doors should be locked to give all involved time to react. Once in a secure, practical strategies are shared for how to prepare for other responses if needed, such as Counter or Evacuate.
  • INFORM: Communicate the intruder’s location and direction in real time using any means necessary so that everyone in the school has access to the information.
  • COUNTER: Interrupt the intruder's actions by making noise or other distraction with the intent of reducing the intruder’s ability to execute his/her plan. This does not mean fighting, but is rather an attempt to avoid being a target.
  • EVACUATE: When it is safe to do so, remove yourself and others from the dangerous area. The idea is to get as many people away from the situation as possible.

It's important to emphasize that these strategies are not sequential, and no single response (such as lockdown-only) fits all threatening situations.

How will ALICE information be communicated to students?

As staff are trained, we will begin to discuss the concepts of ALICE with students, in age appropriate ways. Students will not be completing scenario-based training. As with any such training, the idea is not to make the students feel afraid, but to give them the knowledge that they need to be more confident, competent and calm in the event of an emergency.

For more information, visit or contact your principal.