Winter Weather Guidelines

Remote Learning Day Info

The State of Illinois has made available the option for school districts to hold remote learning days instead of canceling school when there is severe weather. Our district may use this option, if needed.

If severe weather would prevent our schools from opening, we will announce a remote learning day the same way we have informed you in the past of weather related school closings. The announcement will be made by 6 am and posted first at Twitter (@ipsd204) and on our district homepage. We will also make a Connect ED phone call to alert you of the information.

When winter weather occurs, the safety and well-being of our students is always a top priority. District 204 follows a plan whenever there is consideration of a school closing or holding a remote learning day due to weather conditions.


When weather conditions are challenging, we make the decision to open schools, close schools, or hold a remote learning day based on a careful consideration of all relevant factors, such as:

  • Data from the National Weather Service with updates regarding temperature, wind chill, and snow/ice accumulation.
  • Information from the company that provides student transportation about any issues that might occur with buses.
  • Changes to the weather forecast during the course of the school day that indicates if conditions will improve or worsen.
  • Mechanical systems in schools are checked to make sure electricity and heat are working properly.
  • District administrators talk with maintenance and custodial staff to check conditions of parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Discussions with city officials about snow removal status and road conditions for neighborhoods and streets that are more challenging during times of inclement weather.
  • Discussions with other school districts.


The superintendent makes the final decision during inclement weather. The decision is made based on the factors mentioned above.


The decision is made by 6 a.m.


We will only make an announcement if schools will be closed. Announcements are not made that schools will be open.


If school is not in session, all athletic and extra-curricular activities, including practices, may be cancelled. Schools will communicate directly with parents to notify them of cancellations.


If schools are open and there is not a remote learning day, it is ultimately the responsibility of parents and guardians to decide if conditions safely allow for their children to attend school. If school is in session and you decide to keep your child home due to weather conditions, it will count as an excused absence. In this case, you must contact the school to let them know your child will not be in attendance. 


Please take a moment to check your phone number and email address in ParentVue to make sure we have accurate contact information for you. Primary guardians can edit email addresses if they are incorrect. Additional email addresses and phone numbers can be corrected by contacting your school and asking them to update the information.