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Building Rental Information

Applications are now being accepted from those groups wanting to use Indian Prairie School District facilities during the 2021-22 school year.

BEFORE completing any application, please review NO RENT DATES below.

Use above Calendar Link to research availability of Gyms or to verify status of an existing Rental Reservation in a GYM. In the Calendar, select DAILY LIST and sort-by LOCATION for the dates you are researching.

If you are looking for YOUR reservation, then sort-by GROUP.

Lined thru listing indicates the date time was booked earlier and has been canceled. Review other listed events to see if the date/time has been re-booked by another organization.

1. Gyms in Brookdale, Cowlishaw, and Patterson are seldom available.

2. Any Gym is NOT AVAILABLE when:

3. If gym appears to be available: submit an Application to District Office, or...

4. If you already have an open Reservation (permit), email 204-buildingrentals@ipsd.org with ALL required details: Your RESERVATION Number, School, specify Gym, Date(s), Access-time, Start-Time, End-time, activity and estimated attendance. Request addition to your open permit.

Missing information will prevent processing your request. Confirmations will go to the Permit Owner.

Allow 7 working days to process your request.

Email requests for add/cancel/change are only accepted from the owner of the open Permit. The Permit owner will receive a CONFIRMATION email if and when the request has been accepted.


The following are NO RENT dates in ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS for the 2021-22 school year: (These dates have been designated for school activities)

The following are NO RENT dates in MIDDLE SCHOOLS for the 2021-22 school year: (These dates have been designated for school activities)

For ALL GRADE LEVELS, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Election Day and the Last Day of School are also NO RENT dates:

Rentals on Holidays may be possible, depending upon personnel availability, but will incur custodial OT charges: