IPSD 204

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Payment Processing

The district accepts several methods of payment:

1) Pay online in PushCoin (Preferred)

If more than three e-Check deposits are returned as unfunded, your e-Check privileges may be revoked.

2) Paying with Cash or Checks

The district reserves the right to charge an NSF Fee up to $30 on any returned checks.

Payment Plans

If you wish to setup a payment plan, please contact the Business Office 630-375-3021 or email pushcoin-help@ipsd.org


The district uses PushCoin system as our formal demand for payment. We are not obligated to distribute formal demand for payment letters, as PushCoin provides parents with 24/7 access to their student’s fee and lunch account balances. PushCoin will email courtesy invoices to the primary and secondary guardian contacts monthly when fees are owed (even if a parent account has not been established).

Parents/guardians are responsible for all fees assessed to the student’s account, even if a parent account has not been established in PushCoin.

Any inactive students with an outstanding balance are automatically placed in collections with Centurion Service Corporation.

Transcripts will not be granted to students with any outstanding debts with the district such as registration/course fees, LMC lost/damaged/late fees, missing athletic equipment and lost/damaged uniforms, etc. This list is not all inclusive. 

The district will release the transcript within 10 business days after the receipt of payment to confirm payment has cleared.


Payliance, Inc. was responsible for the collection of all returned checks issued to all District locations prior to 2019. Any checks returned by our bank after first presentation were transferred to Payliance for collection services.

If you have a question regarding any outstanding balances reported on your credit report for Payliance, please contact Payliance directly at 1-866-945-8964.