Submitting files to e-Folder

District 204 often receives requests from community organizations to distribute informational materials to students. Suitability and approval are at the discretion of District 204. Be advised that we are very selective in allowing items to be distributed through our communication systems.

Requesting organizations must be located within our community and meet the requirements in the guidelines/request document (available for download here).

Before submitting materials, please:

e-Folder Items for September 20, 2021
Item Grade Level
e-Folder Items for September 13, 2021
Item Grade Level
Hindi Gurukul K - 12
Kids Safety Expo 2021 Pre K - 8th Grade
Naperville Public Safety Open House Pre-K to 5th Grade
One Day Children's Book Drive Up to 6th grade
e-Folder Items for September 06, 2021
Item Grade Level
Bright Side Theatre Classes 1st grade thru 10th grade
Naperville Area Humane Society Education Programs Age 4 - 13 years old
e-Folder Items for August 30, 2021
Item Grade Level