E-learning Days Replace Snow Days

Reported by on 10/22/19

The State of Illinois has made available the option for school districts to hold e-learning days instead of canceling school when there is severe weather. Our district may use this option, if needed, starting this winter. This new approach provides the opportunity to have a continuum of instruction that models for students that learning can happen anywhere and anytime. It also helps students further develop the technical and organizational skills necessary to work independently.

If severe weather would prevent our schools from opening, we will announce an e-learning day the same way we have informed you in the past of weather related school closings. The announcement will be made by 6 am and posted first on Twitter (@ipsd204) and at www.ipsd.org. We will also make a Connect ED phone call to alert you of the information.

Please visit our FAQ below to learn more about e-learning days.

FAQ: E-Learning Day (pdf)