Reflections Art Program: 2021/2021

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Reflections Art Program: 2021/2021

Gombert Gators - Unleash your artistic talent through the Reflections art program!

What is the Reflections program?

Reflections is a National PTA art program that inspires children to get creative! Students are invited to create works of art in any of the 6 different categories. Every Reflections program has a unique theme.

What is this year's theme?

This year's theme "I will change the world by..." calls for your own unique interpretation through the arts. Reflect on the theme, let your imagination fly and create an original work of art through one or more categories.

What are the categories?

1) Dance Choreography

2) Film Production

3) Literature

4) Music Composition

5) Photography

6) Visual Arts

Who can participate?

Students of all grades (K-5) and abilities can participate. Each student can create one project in each of the art categories.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, October 29th

To submit your artwork and review the category guidelines please visit our website here:

Questions: Please contact Katie De La Rosa at

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