Falcon eSports: Rocket League

Reported by on 1/18/22

Do you like playing video games? Do you like playing video games with your friends and winning online? Do you like competing against others to be the best video game player and team? Well, then you may want to join the FALCON E-Sports Club. E-Sports club is a new club where we will be meeting once a week to play video games against students at Fischer and to compete against other schools from across the country.

*We will be playing Rocket League in 3 VS 3 Form
*Traditional rules will be followed
*We will meet Thursdays 3PM-5PM
*We will be playing on the Generation ESports Community Platform
*You will have to create a separate Gmail account for this club in order to play using the program.
*We only have 30 spots available. If club numbers exceed 30 students we will hold a random drawing and only 30 students will be taken. No Exceptions.

In order to be considered, enter the link below into your browser and fill out the participation form:


Attachment 1 (PNG)