Senior Checkout

Reported by on 5/19/22

Who: Every senior must complete the check out process.
When: Senior Checkout hours are from 9:15-2:45 on May 23rd and from 7:30-2:45 on May 24th. Senior Finals are scheduled during periods 5-8 on Monday May 23rd and periods 1-4 on Tuesday May 24th. You may turn in materials at any time.
Why: Turn in the following: all textbooks to your teachers at or before finals and library materials, Chromebook/Chromebook protective case (top and bottom)/charger to the LMC. Pay all remaining fees/fines, so that you can pick up your tickets for graduation on Thursday, May 26th.

How: Following the directions and visiting all stations in the LMC as outlined below will make this a smooth and easy process for you!

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