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Fry Weekly Announcements 9-11-23

Fry Elementary Weekly Announcements 9/11/23

Forgotten Items – Procedures

The students have done a great job adjusting to daily routines. We recognize that occasionally things don’t go as planned and students might forget something in the morning.

While we want students to have their materials, we need to also consider building student responsibility along with flexibility, adaptability, and problem-solving skills.

Most importantly, we want our attention and focus to be on the students in the school. The more visitors and drop-offs, the more distraction. The more the door is opened to visitors, the less secure the building is.

In consultation with District Safety & Security Personnel, we have developed the following procedures.

If your child forgets an item, we can take care of most situations at school. Just because your child forgot it doesn’t mean you MUST bring it! Please note the following:

  • Please do not bring forgotten water bottles to school. The high temps have subsided, and we have plenty of drinking fountains.
  • Students are expected to bring lunch with them in the morning or order hot lunch. If your child forgets their lunch, it must be brought to school before 11:00. If a student doesn’t have a lunch at 11:00, they will be directed to select a hot lunch.
  • Forgotten items may be dropped off on the cart outside of door #1. Parents do not need to ring the bell. Items should be clearly marked with name and class. Items will be retrieved from the cart at 10:00 and 11:00.
  • Please note, we do not interrupt class for forgotten items. Folders and papers will go in the teacher’s mailbox. Lunches will go to the lunchroom. Other items will be delivered as time allows.
  • “Forgotten Item” drop-off ends at 11:00.

Safety Week  

This week students and staff will participate in “Safety Week” covering important topics each day. Topics include Situational Awareness/Being Alert, Listening to Changing Directions During Emergencies, Exit Location Awareness, and Moving with Purpose.

We will practice evacuating the building/fire drill, severe weather procedures, and teachers will talk through what will occur in the event of a “Lockdown” in an age-appropriate manner. All practice/drills are announced/explained to students in advance. We will hold one additional drill, Bus Safety/Evacuation, in October.

On Thursday we will also practice our indoor carline dismissal procedures. We use indoor carline dismissal during heavy rain or below zero temps. Parents in the carline will follow the same procedures as any other day – car number signs displayed the entire time, pull all the forward to the car in front of you, and pay attention to and follow staff directions. If your child is going to the carline then meeting up with you elsewhere (parent is not in a vehicle in the carline), please discontinue this practice and have your child leave school as a walker.

iReady Assessment

We have begun our fall iReady assessments. Please see the attached district communication for more information. 

Important Dates

9/15  PTA Meeting 9:30

10/5   Picture Retakes

10/9   No School – Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Attachments: messages/attachments/a3484bf9b24896431acdd98c8dcfba63/2024_iReady_Notification_Letter.pdf (132.3 KB)