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Thank You Owen Community

Over the summer, our LMC underwent many changes! Thanks to a generous grant from our Owen PTA, we were able to provide many new, updated, and engaging nonfiction resources for our students.

 Additionally, our picture books (or "Everybody Section"), easy reading, and graphic novels have been organized by genre/series, labeled, and in forward-facing bins. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of Vicki Pattermann (LMC director at Georgetown), Laura Farrell,  Kristen Shafron, Kristin McDonald, Andrew McDonald, Matt Cassity, and Dawn Maly (LMC director at Patterson).

We were also able to completely change the layout of the LMC as well. Thank you to Juan and Victor from our custodial staff for helping to move some very heavy shelves and furniture!

Lastly, we are very grateful for Mrs. Whisler, for helping us to freshen up the look of our LMC with new furniture!

So next time you're in the building, stop by and take a peek at the new and improved Owen LMC!

Steve Sabovik