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Spring Brook Science Fair

Spring Brook’s Annual Science Fair

Date: Wednesday, December 6th,2023

Time: 5:30-8:00 pm

All Spring Brook students are invited to participate in the Science fair, followed by a presentation by Mr. Freeze (Cryogenic demonstration. Disclaimer: There may be loud noises during the presentation). The Science Fair and special presentation will be open to all participants and non-participant students and their families. 

Science Fair event is limited to the first 100 projects. In order to confirm a student/group spot, it is mandatory to fill out all requested project details. If it's a group project, only ONE registration form is required to fill in with all participants and project information. WITHOUT PROJECT DETAILS THEIR REGISTRATION WON'T BE CONSIDERED AS COMPLETE

There will be no email confirmation from us after you submit your registration but you will receive a copy of your response from google form on the email address you have provided on the form. Once the deadline is over, participant/s will receive an email with further details about the event on the email address provided in the google form. So, stay tuned! 

Deadline to register is Nov. 15th, 2023

Please check out the flyer for further details. Here is the proposed list of projects. Choosing a project from the list is recommended, but it is not mandatory. Students can come up with their own projects. Also, this year, we will be able to accommodate Sensory needs as well. 

Here is the Registration LinkSpring Brook Elementary Science Fair 2023-2024 Registration

For questions, contact Swati Mehta or Sarah Strode via email: