• Cowlishaw School Arrival / Departure 

    8:50 A.M. Student Arrive/Enter Building 
    9:05 A.M. Tardy Bell 
    3:30 P.M. Buses begin loading 
    3:35 P.M. Students dismissed– Day Care, Walkers, Carline Pick-up 


    Drop Off/Pick up Locations 

    As you know, the safety of the children is our main concern. Please familiarize yourself with the following procedures allows us to ensure safe arrival and departure for students. 

    Buses/Day Care Riders 

    Buses and daycare vans will drop off and pickup students in the front circle drive area in the front of the building. There is no parking permitted in the circle drive area while buses or vans are present or during times posted. 


    Students who arrive and depart from school in cars will be dropped off and picked up at the west end (door#13) of the building.  Cars will enter the parking lot traveling East on Sanctuary Lane, near the playground and line up around the perimeter as they approach the drop off or pick up point.  Children are to get in and out of the vehicles on the passenger side.  We ask that drivers follow all the directions given to them by staff and not leave their vehicles unattached.  Students are not to exit vehicles in the parking lot and cross the drop-off lane for safety reasons.  Students will not be allowed to cross the drive to go the vehicles in the parking lot.  Do not pick up children anywhere but the west end of the building.  


    Walkers should enter the appropriate door depending on the direction they are traveling to and from school.  We ask that all students use the sidewalks at all times. Students should not arrive at school prior to 8:50 a.m.  

    Departure Changes 

    Departure changes must be communicated by parents to the classroom teacher and office to ensure a successful dismissal.  

    Cowlishaw Traffic Flow 

    Cowlishaw Arrival and Dismissal