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January A+ Award 2024


The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation (IPEF) and District 204 proudly honor Mike Schuh, a Fifth-Grade Teacher at Owen Elementary School, with the January A+ Award. You can watch the A+ Award team’s surprise visit to recognize Mr. Schuh for “Making a Difference” in the January A+ Award Video.

Mr. Schuh was nominated for the A+ Award this year by District 204 parent, Colleen Kordish. In her essay, Mrs. Kordish stated that even though her sons are now in 8th grade and 10th grade, they still refer to the educational standards and preparation that Mr. Schuh provided to them in 5th grade. She went on to say, “These tenets such as being on time, being prepared, understanding current events, learning presentation skills, proper grammar, detail-oriented reviews of their writing and classwork have made my sons better learners and better prepared for EVERYTHING!”

This is Mr. Schuh’s twenty-ninth year working in District 204. “I’m not just a teacher, I’m a guider,” said Mr. Schuh. “I want to help my students be the best that they can be.”

IPEF is proud to sponsor the A+ Award in its 10th year. You can nominate a staff member by visiting A+ Award.