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Fall Book Fair

The May Watts’ Book Fair helps provide necessary funds to support the school’s Library Media Center (LMC). With the profits of this book fair we will continue to purchase the newest books students are hoping for. Thank you for your continued support! Books make great holiday gifts! Please email Ms. Happy with any questions:

Three ways to shop!

  1. Students can shop during the school day. Classes will have an assigned day/time to shop, but if a student is absent or forgets, they can tell their teacher and come outside of that time (see below).

  2. Parents can shop outside of school hours (see below).

  3. Parents can shop online anytime! Go to When shopping online, you can choose to have your items shipped to your house (shipping fee), pick up from the Anderson’s Store (free) or sent to the school (free). Enter our School Name and School City in the delivery information section.

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & Debit Cards.

Please make checks payable to May Watts.

This will be a tax free fair.

Student Shopping Days

All classes will come for a book fair preview on either 11/13, 11/14 or 11/15. They will bring a wish list home. Please feel free to send this back with your child when they are shopping.

**Sometimes a book is out of stock, we can order the book, or your child can choose something else, please let them know what you’d like them to do in case what they want is sold out.**

Student Shopping Days

11/15: 2K

11/16: 5B, 5D, 2W, 4A, 3M, 1P, 1F, KH, 2F, KD, KW

11/17: 5V, 2B, 4E, 4B, 4G, 3P, 3O, 3D, 5C, 1B, 1G, 2C, KP, KT

Parent Shopping Days/Times

11/14: 3:50-4:30

11/15: 3:50-4:30

11/16: 4:30-8:00 (during P/T Conferences)

11/17: 3:50-4:30

11/20: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM & 4:30-8:00 PM (during P/T Conferences)

Don’t forget to check the teacher wish lists, if you’re shopping in person.

Please consider being a volunteer for our upcoming Book Fair. We are looking for help setting up, previewing with students, ringing up sales, and packing up.

Any question, please contact Amy Avery at


Chris Binderup