• Our Mission…

    “At Waubonsie Valley High School our mission is to foster students’ learning to its highest potential while providing diverse and challenging educational experiences that academically, socially, and emotionally shape our students into independent and productive members of society.”

    Our Vision…

    “In support of our mission, Waubonsie is a community where students, staff, and parents can safely and collaboratively work to create a culture that promotes student learning, self-advocacy, and tradition & spirit.” 

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    Waubonsie Valley High School

    Our next 50 years

    Native Drawing of Sun Breaking: This refers to Chief Waubonsie (1765-1848) of the Potawatomi. Most sources agree that the translation is Break of Day or Little Early Light. "Wa-BaN" means "Day Break and "SI" is a diminutive suffix.

    The Date of 1975: This references Waubonsie Valley High School's first date of student attendance; as well as Waubonsie Valley being the first of the three high schools (The Original Valley) of Indian Prairie School District 204.

    Prairie Grass: This is a connection to prairie that has become symbolic of the Midwest and incorporated in the naming of Indian Prairie School District. It is a tribute to the Eola Hill Prairie & Lake Waubonsie adjacent to our school's campus, planted by students since 2001.

    WV Flame: The image of this flame represents the letters WV. The fire refers to the Potawatomi Native Tribe members being known as the "Keepers of the Fire" or "Makers of Fire".

    Feathers: The feather is a powerful symbol that signifies honor and a connection between the owner, the Creator, and the bird from which the feather came. It symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power and freedom in Native customs. It is an object that is deeply revered and a sign of high honor.

    Warriors: Waubonsie Valley High School; Home of the Warriors. Warriors in academics, Warriors in competition, Warriors in life!

    Waubonsie Valley School Crest History & References

    Waubonsie Valley High School revised their school crest in preparation for the 50th anniversary in September 2025. The crest was redesigned after extensive research about the First Peoples who lived on this land before the settling of this midwestern American territory in the 1800's. This current crest above was in response to be more historically and culturally appropriate to specifically those people of the Potawatomi Tribe who inhabited this specific land in which our school resides on and is respectfully named after.