• The Waubonsie Valley Theatre program

    provides a wealth of opportunities for students to get involved.
    Students can try out for acting roles in plays as well as participate behind the scenes by getting involved in student directing, set design and construction, costumes, props, stage management, etc. You do not need prior experience! You will learn as you go. 
    Scan the QR Code to purchase tickets through GoFan for upcoming shows
    QR Code to GoFan for tickets

    If you have any questions regarding the Theatre program, please contact Dave Calvert, Rebecca Dedecker, or Debra Peplow.

    Check out the Theatre Season tab to view information for all the plays, musicals and other opportunities available for your participation.
    Costume Check-in/Check-out Form
    Costume Policy: To be signed by student & parent
    Parents, due to costumes being damaged and lost,
    WV Theatre has adopted a new "check in/check out policy". 
    Any lost items will now be replaced by the student, at cost.
    See bottom of form for replacement fees. 
    Any questions, please contact the Theatre sponsor, Mr. Calvert.