• Young Mission Statement

    The mission of Young School is to DIVE into learning as Young Staff:

    Develop Differentiated & Diverse Learning Experiences
    Inspire Excellence
    Value Community
    Engage and Energize Productive Student Learners

    NYE Traditions

    1st day assembly 1999: The first day assembly starts the new school year with students being introduced to the school expectations which we call the 3B's. The 3B's are Be Respectful, Be Responsible & Be Safe
    5th Grade Clapout 2022: This tradition, which occurs during the last week of school, is a tribute to our 5th grade students for their contributions to our school as they leave for middle school.
    Dolphin Dollars 2000-2008; 2021: Dolphin Dollars are a tangible reward to our students for exemplary behavior and adherance to the 3B's
    Field Day 1999: Field Day is an all school event of play outdoors that showcases students talents through a variety of games and activities.
    Football at Recess 2000: This tradition, started by Student Services Coordinator Dr. Bell, is done with all students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade recess that choose to participate. A Super Bowl occurs at the end of the school year.
    Friday Reward Cart 2022: The PBIS Rewards Cart, also known as the Dolphin Treasure Chest, is used as a weekly drawing for all students demonstrating exemplary behavior.
    Goodbye waves to busses 1999: All staff lines the front sidewalk and waves goodbye to our bus riders as they leave for summer break on the last day of school.
    Last Recess 2022: The last recess is a goodbye to our former students and current high school seniors before they move into adulthood. A parade lined with current NYE students and graduating senior parents outside the school occurs during the processional.
    Positive Referrals 2022: Positive referrals are awarded to students with exemplary behavior and shared with the principal. A positive phone call to the parents of the students.
    Quarterly Behavior Assemblies 2022: Quarterly school assemblies are used to highlight spectacular student behavior at the end each quarter and are lead by the PBIS Team.
    School Dance Party 2000: The annual Dance Party is a PE/Music teachers' collaborative culminating event held each December before Winter Break.
    Alumni Wall 2023: This tradition honors our adult alumni who are established in careers. Information regarding Young Alumni is posted on the main screen in our lobby and on our website.
    Super Bowl 2001: This event occurs outside on the field during the last week of school.This game pits the 4th and 5th grade recess champions to crown an overall champion.
    End of the Year Assembly & Recognition 2000-2007; 2023: This ceremony highlights recognizes students achievement and includes an end of year slide show and quick review of grade level curriculum.
    4th Grade State Fair 1999: This annual event highlights 4th grade knowledge of US states with a concert, display, classroom presentation and art project.
    Letter Parade 1999: The letter parade spotlights kindergarten knowledge of the alphabet, with a parade where each student represents letters of the alphabet.
    100th Day of School 1999: The 100th Day of school is recognized through a series of curricular activities at the Kindergarten through the 2nd grade.
    Multicultural Night 2009 - 2020; 2023: Multicultural Night is a celebration of our learning communities, heritage, diversity and proud cultures with an evening of dance, song, art enrichment and culinary delights.
    STEM Fair 2014-2019; 2022 - Present: This evening event celebrates our students work in creating experiments in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
    Egg Drop/Science Olympics 1999 - Present: This annual spring 5th grade science event allows students to develop group projects with their peers. These in-class activities culminate with an egg-drop event from the top of the school.
    One Book One School 2007 - Present: This annual PTA event celebrates literacy with students reading the same book across Nancy Young Elementary. Select Nancy Young Elementary staff reads chapters from the selected book, which is then uploaded and shared with the community.
    Dynamic Dolphin 2000-2008; 2022 - Present: Previously known as the Distinguished Dolphin, Dynamic Dolphins winners are nominated by classroom teachers, approved by the PBIS team and awarded to students that go above and beyond at school and in their community. Recognition of Dynamic Dolphin recipients occurs at our quarterly PBIS assemblies and at the end of the year assembly