• Rules for Physical Education

    In order to provide a more effective learning environment for PE, I will be using the following discipline plan. This plan is in effect at all times.

    The rules for PE are: 

    • No talking when the teacher is talking
    • Listen to directions the first time they are given.
    • Play by the rules, play safely.
    • Be respectful to other students and to school property.
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    If student breaks a rule:

    • 1st time: Verbal warning
    • 2nd time: Sit out of activity for a few minutes.
    • 3rd time: Broken rule note written up.
    • 4th time: Trip to the office- call home to parents.

    If a student consistently breaks the same rules, a call will be made to the parent about the poor behavior and it may effect child’s participation grade for the quarter.

    For the students who follow gym rules, I will provide the following reinforcement:
    • Positive comments
    • Higher points for class on number line
    • Award certificates
    • Stickers
    • Free game days-children vote on activity for 1 class period
    • Player’s choice day
    • Positive certificates
    All students have P.E. 3 days a week for 25 minutes. They are responsible for wearing gym shoes on appropriate days. Gym shoes are: basketball shoes, Tennis shoes, Keds (a shoe they can run in comfortably and also move side to side without risk of injury) Note: Loafers, boots, dress shoes & high-heeled sport shoes are not considered gym shoes) If a student comes to P.E. without the proper shoes 3 times in one quarter, they will receive a written note to take home. After forgetting shoes the 3rd time, student effort grade will be lower.

    See classroom teacher for P.E. schedule.

    Other important info:
    • No gum or candy is allowed in the gym. 
    • Students may be excused from participating in P.E. for a maximum of 3 days with a note from a parent.
    • After a child misses 3 days of class, they must present a doctor’s note to the P.E. teacher. This is District 204 policy.

    Grading System:
    Student grades for children K-5 will be based on the following:

    L:     Listening
    A:     Attitude
    P:     Participation
    S:     Skills, shoes

    Physical Fitness Testing:
    Children in grades 1-5 are tested for physical fitness 2 times a year. These tests are not a part of any of the grades they receive.
    The four tests are: 
    • Sit and reach- measures flexibility
    • Curl-ups- tests abdominal strength
    • Push-ups- tests upper body strength
    • Long run- measures endurance 

    Volunteers are always welcome to help in February for Jump Rope for Heart and again in May for Field Day. Please call the school if you would be interested in helping.