• Art teacher for the 2021-2022 School Year:

    Mr. Saurabh Mehta 

    Philosophy, Goals, and Assessment for Art Education

    Danielle -Joy Peterson Elementary School

    Indian Prairie School District # 204

     Art is the universal language! A comprehensive art education program is essential to the whole development of all students. Art contributes both to a child’s visual communication skills and multicultural awareness and it also helps them become an educated consumer. Art can also help a child’s self-worth and sense of accomplishment, especially if they do not feel so successful in other areas.

    The Visual Arts Program Touches on:

    Art History

    • Connecting time periods and styles to groups of people and artists
    • Connecting events that influence the art work

    Famous Artists

    • Connecting artists with certain styles
    • Getting students to recognize an artist by looking at the art work


    • Introducing art work from all over the world, not just the typical Western European art work


    • Introducing the elements and principles of design to begin talking about art work
    • Introducing words to describe certain techniques and styles


    • Using their senses and art vocabulary to perceive and appreciate both natural and manmade objects

    The art curriculum emphasizes the continuity of art learning from kindergarten through fifth grade. Each year builds upon the concepts learned from the previous year. The students are encouraged to develop their own individual creativity and an appreciation for their art work as well as the work of others.

    Art Grades are based upon:

    1. the student’s completion of the lesson objectives (follows directions)
    2. neatness and craftsmanship
    3. Extra Credit: overall appearance and creativity

    Effort Grades are based upon:

    1. the student’s willingness to work until an art assignment is complete
    2. the student’s ability to follow school and classroom rules and directions
    3. the student’s ability to work independently as well as with others in a polite and cooperative manner
    4. the student’s enthusiasm for the art work