• This bell and tower are symbols of the energy and spirit encompassed by the community of Brookdale. It serves as a constant reminder that each of us can create our own history.

    In the fall of 1998, the Brookdale community decided to commemorate the new millennium with a bell...a symbol of schools everywhere. This bell would become a touchstone for present and future generations. Funds for the bell and tower were raised through the efforts of many. Students contributed their pennies and other spare change. The school, the staff, and the Brookdale PTA provided generous funds to assure the viability of this project. They, along with parents, families and other community members, purchased engraved bricks to commemorate the millennium.

    The bell originally cast in St. Louis in 1907 was refurbished by the Verdin Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. The bell and tower were officially dedicated on August 25, 1999.

    The bell is inscribed with the following:

    "May the Sounds of Our Children Always Ring in the Air"

    Brookdale's Bell Tower

    Chuck Seidel

    Chuck Seidel, Brookdale Principal for 17 years, came up with the idea of building a bell tower. He was instrumental in purchasing the bell and overseeing the design and construction of the tower.