• Kendall Elementary School

    Oliver Julian Kendall Elementary School opened its doors in 1998. The school is named after American war hero, Oliver Julian Kendall. Our patriotic school colors are red, white and blue.

    Who was Oliver Julian Kendall?

    Oliver Julian Kendall was born in Naperville, Illinois on December 30, 1888. His father, Francis Austin Kendall, distinguished himself as President of Naperville Combined School District 78 and as Mayor of Naperville. Judd's (as friends called him) mother, Linnie May Kendall, was a granddaughter of one of Naperville's pioneer families.

    Oliver Julian Kendall attended Ellsworth Elementary and High School in Naperville, graduating in 1907. He then attended what is now North Central College. At the outbreak of World War I, Kendall entered into the army on June 14, 1917. He soon received his commission as a second lieutenant and then as a first lieutenant. Lt. Kendall served overseas in France.

    On the evening of May 24th and early morning hours of the 25th, Lt. Kendall led a fifty man infantry work party in forward trench areas. Enemy fire scattered the troops in the trenches. Lt. Kendall went forward to reconnoiter and was never seen again.

    It was later determined that Lt. Kendall was taken prisoner by a German raiding party. His enemies took him behind the German lines where he suffered a torturous death.

    Lt. Kendall was fully aware of what days later would be the first American offensive of the war, an attack on the village of Cantigny. Kendall refused to talk to those who had taken him prisoner.

    Kendall had no children and his two brothers and three sisters are deceased. Kendall is buried in France.

    Oliver Julian Kendall was an American hero. It has been written that his refusal to divulge information was "the most vital single incident of the entire war." He is honored by the Naperville VFW that bears his name, the Naperville Judd Kendall Memorial Way, and the Oliver Julian Kendall Elementary School.