• The Specials

    Fun …and a lot more!

    The “Specials” at McCarty Elementary School refer to Physical Education, Music and the Visual Arts.  These subjects are an integral component of our student’s education and they are mandated by the State of Illinois.  Each of these curricular areas has a written curriculum which helps to guide the yearly instruction of each student …but the Specials consist of a lot more.  Our Specials faculty excels at going beyond the curriculum to challenge each of McCarty’s students to become the best that they can be.

    Art, Music and Physical Education learning includes life skills, a developing sense of curiosity and quality, the ability to subjectively analyze a challenge, and much more. The following outline helps to identify a few of the important educational concepts which are being included in the education of children at McCarty Elementary School.       

    Extra Challenges in Education

    Developing Skills
    • Social skills
    • Learning to use tools and materials
    • Experience a variety of activities
    • Active participation
    • Problem-solving
    • Abstract thinking
    • Creativity
    • Improvising
    • Multiple forms of communication
    • Perform and compose
    • Analyze
    • Attention
    • Learning through observation
    • Evaluate
    • Feedback
    Global Understanding
    • Cultural diversity
    • Real-world application