• Gordon Gregory

    May 8, 1916 - April 19, 1982

    Gordon GregoryBorn in Wheaton, Illinois, Gordon Arthur Gregory lived with his folks Harry and Gretchen Gregory, who worked Prairie Farm for the Prairie Farmer Magazines (now Danada). Gordon began his educational career at Christie School, which was at the corner of Butterfield and Naperville/Wheaton Roads. The family moved to Naperville in 1929, because it was suspected that Butterfield Road would be widened. As things turned out, the roadwork didn't take place until the 1980's.

    Gordon attended eighth grade at the original Granger School at Routes 59 and 34, where a Shell Station is currently located. The family farmed the land around the school (now Fox Valley Center) and north of New York Street. He went to Naperville High School, and to the University of Illinois at Champaign, graduating in 1940, with a degree in Agriculture. (His education cost $1,000.00. He made $2.50 a week plus room and board, working for a neighbor.) Following graduation, he occasionally served as a substitute teacher, frequently teaching agriculture for Mr. Howie at Naperville High School.

    During World War II, three Gregory sons were in the service. However, when Gordon volunteered to go, the draft board sent him home because the country needed farmers. So, he worked hard at farming, cared for forty registered Holstein cows, raised Duroc hogs, and treated the land as a steward of God's good earth.

    Gordon found his niche of service in the church and community. He taught Sunday School for many years at Wheatland Salem Church, where he met and ultimately married his wife, Florence, on August 28, 1945. The Gregory's had four children, three boys and one girl. He led a 4-H Club for 15 years, living its creed of Head, Health, Hands and Heart. He was the first president of the DuPage County Fair Board, and served on the Sunday School, Farm Bureau, and Rural Fire District Boards. Over the course of 23 years, Gordon distinctively served on the School Boards of Granger and Indian Prairie Community Unit District 204, where he was president for a total of nineteen years.

    Sears bought the farm in 1968, and the family moved to Countryview Estates in 1972. Gordon's health began to fail in 1975, as the result of cancer. In 1978, he was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. In 1980, he became bedridden, but continued his usual good humor and disposition.

    Gordon Gregory Middle School, which opened in September of 1987, stands in respectful memory of this kind and caring gentleman who contributed so much to his community.