• Hello 5th Grade Parents,

    This fall, your child will be involved in Prelude, a program that takes place during music time. The Granger Middle School music teachers will visit your student’s music class to introduce the fourteen band and orchestra instruments that are available to take in middle school. Students will learn about these instruments and will be provided a hands-on experience. At the end of Prelude, students wishing to play in Middle School Band or Orchestra will be selecting an instrument for class placement during their 6th grade year.

    There are two important Prelude dates this school year to mark in your calendars:

    1. Informational Meeting - Wednesday, October 11th at 7:30pm. 

    This informational meeting will be held at Granger Middle School in the cafeteria. During this 45-minute meeting, parents will be provided with an overview of the Prelude program as well as the Music program at Granger Middle School. You will also get to meet the Granger Middle School music staff and ask them questions about the music program. It is a great opportunity to learn about the music program at Granger and will help you to start thinking about classes for middle school.

    2.  Registration Night - Thursday, December 14th from 4:00-8:00pm (you will need to attend only about 10 minutes during this block of time).

    The registration night will be held at Granger Middle School in the cafeteria. If you wish for your child to be in choir, band or orchestra starting in 6th grade, it is necessary that you attend the music registration night. There will be more information to follow about registration times this fall, however, it will only take about 10-minutes to register your student that night.

    Rental information and our preferred vendor will be present at registration for you to start the process of obtaining an instrument for your child. You will also receive a supply list and information on the music classes at Granger that will help your child be ready week one of 6th grade.

    To find out more about Prelude and the Prelude process, please visit the website the middle school music staff has set up: www.preludegranger.weebly.com.  If you have further questions, please email, or contact the Granger Middle School Music Staff.  Their contact info can be found on the website.

    We look forward to meeting and working with your kids over the next few months.

    The Granger Music Department.