• Children develop at different rates, and at Clow, our focus is to foster individual growth in both academics and human development. Our educational challenge is to produce a student who has learned how to learn, one who has learned how to adapt to change, one who knows that the ultimate security lies not in possessing knowledge - because it will surely change - but in the ability to seek it and use it. Student work and progress is assessed on a daily basis. We consistently ask, "Is the rate and content of learning sufficient?" We continually seek growth and improvement. Strategies and techniques are employed so that every child will be successful. We seek to provide an environment that enables every child to be the best that he/she can be, and to become a lifelong learner.

    The mission of Clow School is to develop all students into becoming life-long, self-directed learners, problem-solvers, and effective communicators.  We are committed to developing students into goal-setters and quality producers.  Our children will be equipped with collaborative working skills and value becoming contributors to their community.

    Core Values

    The Core Values of Clow School are those we strongly believe in and are unwilling to compromise.  They are:

    • Open and honest communication and feedback with students, parents, business leaders, and community members is necessary.
    • A commitment to teamwork.  Students, parents, and educators are in this endeavor together and collectively we increase our effectiveness and efficiency.  Furthermore, we wish to enjoy life and our vocations and recognize that a positive attitude and a sense of community will increase the probability of this occurring.
    • Our school is truly student centered.  The people at Clow recognize that students are our reason for existing and we feel privileged to be an integral part in their development.
    • People and property, both private and public, should be treated with respect and dignity.
    • We focus on development of foundational basic skills.  This includes cultural, social, and academic areas of knowledge.
    • Our daily spirit is one of improvement.  Regardless of where we are today, we strive to be better tomorrow.

    Fundamental Beliefs

    • All students can learn given effective instruction and appropriate material.
    • All students must become life-long learners, problem-solvers and effective communicators.
    • Ongoing assessment of student achievement and program effectiveness is essential for school improvement.
    • Parents, business, and community involvement are essential for school effectiveness and improvement.
    • Board of Education and Central Office Administration support are essential to school effectiveness and improvement.