• Procedures

    1. Students are permitted to enter the school building at 8:50 am each day except Wednesday. On Wednesdays the entry time is 9:00 am. Exceptions may occur if students are participating in a school‐sponsored activity or the YMCA program before school. 
    2. The dismissal process for students in the car line begins at 3:30 pm. Walkers are dismissed at 3:35 pm. 
    3. Students who walk or ride bikes/scooters to school should always remain on sidewalks, and once a student is on school grounds we ask that students with bikes or scooters walk to the bike racks and lock the bike or scooter to the rack. 
    4. The car line is located to the north of the school building and is accessed from Grassmere Rd. – only from the west. Refer to the “Travel Route to Drop‐Off / Pick‐Up Lane” map that accompanies this description for visual representation of traffic flow. Vehicles should wait beginning in the car line and continuing onto Grassmere Rd. to the west and onto Tall Grass Dr. to the south. In the interest of fairness we request that all cars assume a position at the end of the line when they arrive at the school. This would mean that a vehicle approaching from the north or west would proceed south on Tall Grass and safely enter the line where it ends and is moving to the north. To restate this expectation – regardless of where a family is approaching from – all cars should enter the line from the end of the line. Make sure that you assume a spot in the line in a timely fashion to prevent lateness or frustration. Refer to the map if necessary.
    5. Once a vehicle enters the drop‐off / pick up lanes it should always stay to the right and wait to pull forward until directed or clearly apparent. Vehicles should pull as far forward into the unloading zone as possible to allow multiple cars to load or unload and the line to move more quickly. We ask that children exit vehicles in the morning from any point where there is a sidewalk in the car line area – and as soon as your car comes to a stop while in the car line area. This will expedite the drop‐off process. While we know parents may want to wait until their child is near the door to unload, we expect that our supervision along with appropriately‐dressed students exiting alongside sidewalk areas while stopped will greatly improve traffic flow in the line.
    6. The left‐hand lane of the drop‐off / pick‐up loop should not be used for any drop‐off / pick‐up and should only be used to exit the car line carefully if other cars are delayed for a lengthy time in front of you. If all cars are dropping students off when stopped there should be very few lengthy delays. The staff parking lot should also not be used as a means to avoid waiting in line. 
    7. The use of a cell phone for texting or calling purposes while in a moving vehicle on school property is a violation of state law. Please do not endanger our students. Use hands‐free options only, and understand that our staff has every right to respectfully ask you to follow the law if you are disregarding it. 
    8. All families have been issued a family number to be used in the car line. This number is used to safely identify which children belong with which vehicle. If you are using the car line please display the number in the vehicle’s right side dashboard area so that it can clearly be seen by staff. Failure to do so delays the pick‐up process and frustrates fellow parents. Make sure your child knows your number and pays attention at all times. 
    9. When exiting the car line vehicles should follow signage and only turn to the east (right). 
    10. The front driveway and parking area should not be accessed by families during arrival and dismissal. This area is reserved for daycare buses, unique medical circumstances, and other unique situations that have been approved by the principal. 

    Fry travel route map

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