• Patterson Elementary School Arrival/Departure Procedures 

    Student safety is our priority.  We realize that, arrival and departure times may be the most dangerous of the school day due to vehicular and bicycle traffic.  Every effort is made to supervise and protect your child during these times.  You can help insure our students’ safety by following the procedures outlined here and ensuring your children understand these procedures along with your family’s personal pick-up plans. 
    The official morning arrival procedure will begin the second day of school each year.  Please follow these guidelines each morning. 

    • Students will enter the building immediately upon arrival and proceed to classrooms. Volunteers will be present to assist Kindergarteners with finding their classroom for the first 2 weeks. Supervisors are on hand to supervise and assist students all year long
    • Students are not to arrive before 8:50 (*9:00 on Wednesdays) unless they are attending a special program.
    • Students may enter the building via all three doors in the front circle or door 9 by the bike racks.
    • Attendance will be taken at 9:05 daily and 9:15 on Wednesdays.  We will delay attendance in the event inclement weather slows the arrival procedure.
    • Assigned staff are on duty daily at arrival and dismissal.  In addition, 5th grade Safety Patrol students wearing green safety belts, assist with dismissal.

    Arrival / Dismissal Guidelines: 

    Driving your child to school: 

    • Remember cell phone use is prohibited in school zones.  Do not block driveways. Do not enter the circle before 3:20pm at dismissal.
    • Students driven to school in private vehicles should be dropped off and picked up by heading South on Lawrence Drive only and turning right into the main circle drive.  Please do not attempt a left hand turn into the circle drive. Please drive to the end of the line.  Making a “U” turn in a school zone is illegal.  You may turn around in the clubhouse lot off Lawrence if needed.
    • A single line should be formed so that no student will pass between cars.  In the mornings, please have students ready to exit the car on the curb side (passenger side).   Pull up as far as possible and let students out on the sidewalk. Students may enter any door in the front circle.
    • At dismissal, students will enter the gym and line up by car number.  They may sit in the shelter of the gym and wait for your car to enter the front circle before exiting the building; therefore, there is no need to line up early. While waiting on Lawrence, please pay close attention to signage designating “clear view” areas at Grommon Road and Albert Hall court. Display your pick up number (obtained at Meet and Greet) clearly in the front, passenger side window.  Staff will call the number when you enter the front circle.  Please pull forward as much as possible.   After their number is called, students will exit the front of the building and should promptly move to their parent’s car.  Please be alert to the supervisors’ directions in the front circle.
    • Be aware that special vans and daycare vans will load/unload students in the circle in a specially designated area at the south end.  (#5 on map) Please remember to obey the stop arms and be cautious of students loading and unloading. According to state law, “You must stop before meeting or overtaking a school bus loading or unloading passengers.  You may proceed when flashing lights are turned off and the stop signal arm is no longer extended”. (Illinois Rules of the Road).
    • Signage provided by the City of Naperville indicates that “arrival” time regulations will be in effect from 8:30-9:15 and “departure” time regulations will be in effect from 3:15-4:00.  During these times, the faculty parking lot will be closed except for vehicles needing the handicapped space with a office provided pass displayed in their window.

    Bus Riders: 

    • Bus stop routes and pick-up times will be posted on the district website, www.ipsd.org, in August.
    • Bussed students are dropped off at the bus pad on Lawrence Drive.  Supervisors will meet the bus and direct the students into the building.  They should then proceed to their classrooms.
    • At dismissal time, bused students will form lines in the gymnasium.  Supervisors will walk the students from the gym to the bus loading area and supervise the loading procedure.  A bus line will not leave the gym until the bus is in place in the loading area.


    • Walkers and bikers should only cross streets at intersections with Crossing Guards (Lawrence and Orwell, Grommon and Lawrence).   Students who need to cross Lawrence, should do so only at Orwell.
    • Students who walk home and live west of Lawrence should exit from door 11, (#2 on map). Students who cross Lawrence Drive at the Orwell crossing should exit the S.E. gym door (#3 on map)
    • Primary students that need to meet older siblings or neighbors before walking home may meet their party in the LMC.


    • Students who bike to and from Patterson should only cross streets at intersections with Crossing Guards (Lawrence and Orwell, Grommon and Lawrence). Students who need to cross Lawrence, should do so only at Orwell.
    • Bikers must WALK bikes once reaching school property
    • Bike racks are located in the back of the school for our students.  Bike locks are recommended.
      Bikers are dismissed earlier than other students, so they may exit the sidewalks before walkers.

    map of drop-off routes

    During dismissal, car riders will wait in the gym until their family carline number is called/displayed.