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November BMO District 204 Volunteer of the Month


Kristi Atwater’s participation in numerous volunteer activities over the years, particularly her significant contribution to the Waubonsie Valley’s PTA, has earned her the recognition as the BMO District 204 Volunteer of the Month.

She has three children: a sophomore and a senior at Waubonsie Valley, and a Waubonsie graduate. She was a teacher for ten years and taught yoga therapy to children with special needs.  Kristi's work in the Warrior Warehouse and concessions has ensured that Waubonsie Valley’s events are well-stocked and run smoothly. Her leadership in the booster club and the golf outing has helped raise funds for the school’s programs and activities. As the head of hospitality, she has created a welcoming environment for all who visit Waubonsie.

Kristi volunteers because she loves being around the students. She is grateful for all the volunteer opportunities that the district has to offer.

L - R: Bart Puchalski, BMO Vice President; Kristi Atwater, November Volunteer of the Month; Dr. Louis Lee, IPSD Deputy Superintendent; Jason Stipp, Waubonsie Valley Principal; and Jason Schmidtgall, Waubonsie Valley Assistant Principal.

BMO is helping District 204 recognize one volunteer each month who has generously given his or her time to support District 204’s students and schools. To celebrate these outstanding volunteers, BMO is donating $1,000 to the volunteer’s school.