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More Crone Fundraiser Updates 9/14!

Hellllo Panthers,

After Day 2 our total is already at $9,659.00  
Our top 3 Achieve Classes so far are:
  • Lantz, $950.00
  • Freeman, $875.00
  • Herrera, $370.00
*Students will be receiving their bags of prizes AFTER lunch today.  We have a list of all that qualified with 10 Emails sent.  They DO NOT need to bring any proof!  Please excuse a few students to be a little late after lunch since they will be told to put their bags IN THEIR LOCKER on the way back to class.
*If students have any questions, please do not send them to the office but tell them to EMAIL CHORBA.
The second "Mini-Fridge Full of Money" Winner is Connor Tedrow.  (The student does not know yet, so shhhhhhh. 🤫)
Let's keep it going!