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Illinois SkillsUSA Championship Results

Business Management & Technology Team     
Bhavin Adaveni               1st place
Sid Haralkar                      1st place

JunHee Kim                       1st place

Extemporaneous Speech
Aditya Byju                                       3rd place

Web Design & Development Team
Ronak Khatri                                   1st place
Shritan Settipalli                             1st place

Cybersecurity Team
Aditya Byju                                       3rd place
Rinush Thiagu                                  3rd place

Quiz Bowl Team
Armaan Sindhu                               1st place
Andy Yu                                            1st place
Evan Yang                                         1st Place
JoAnne Li                                          1st place

Sophia Wang                                    1st place

Related Technical Math
Sophia Wang                                   1st Place
Armaan Sidhu                                  2nd Place

Medical Math
Andy Yu                                             1st Place
Armaan Sidhu                                  2nd Place


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Mark Rose