• A Typical Day

    A daily schedule provides a basic consistent routine to meet a child’s individual needs. A good schedule offers balance between active and quiet time; large group, small group and individual activities; indoor and outdoor play and time for children to choose their own activities as well as a time for teacher-directed activities.

    A daily schedule should also be flexible, and at times, spontaneous, to meet individual and group interests. All activities are developmentally appropriate. The Prairie Children Preschool schedule includes:

    • Arrival time/Fine motor activities             
      Children independently select quiet activities set out on tables such as puzzles, manipulatives, or art materials which emphasize fine motor skills.
    • Large group instruction
      Everyone comes together to hear of the day's activities, learn about a new concept, practice vocabulary, etc.
    • Choice Time/ Center Time/ Small group instruction
      Children choose from activities in each center which include dramatic play, table toys, blocks, art, sensory table, library and computers. Learning is child centered through play facilitated by the Early Childhood Team. Social skills and turn taking are also emphasized.
    • Snack
      Snack time encourages communication between children, self-help skills and good manners. Children bring their own snack and drink daily.
    • Music/Movement
      Large motor skills are enhanced through obstacle courses, physical games and gross motor activities. They are enjoyed in the multipurpose room or on the outside playgrounds. Music is enjoyed every day in the classroom through singing, finger plays and movement through music.
    • Literacy/Language
      Teachers read to children in large and small groups, enhancing listening skills and memory and stimulating thought provoking questions.
    • Dismissal
      Children are encouraged to collect their belongings independently.