• Pick-Up & Drop-Off System @ Shoreline

    Families are responsible for the transportation of their children. Families must set up their own carpool arrangements. If you set up a carpool with another family please contact the front office and let them know who will be in the carpool so we can give you a carpool tag.

    Every classroom has an animal mascot. This mascot is used for identification purposes during drop off and pick up procedures. Only adults who have been previously approved by parents and are listed on a parent consent form will be allowed to pick up children. Proper I.D. will be required.


    Parents will have a matching mascot that will hang from your rear-view mirror with your child’s name. Parents will proceed from Prairie Lake Court through the Preschool parking lot to the south side of the building and pull up to the curb. Staff will bring your child to the car. You are responsible for buckling your child in.


    Carpool parents have a number hanging from their mirror. Parents will enter from Prairie Lake Court and proceed to the first right into the parking lot. Pull up to the curb.

    Staff will bring the children to the car. You are responsible for buckling your child in.


    graphic map of drop off and pick up locations

    Parents are welcome to park in the preschool parking lot and bring their child into school. For security reasons, you must sign in at the office before proceeding to your child’s room.