• Sky Map Nights (aka Scout Nights)

    sky map example On Tuesday nights during the school year, the WVHS Planetarium offers Sky Map Nights. Visitors will learn how to read a current sky map, practice using it in the planetarium, and take it home to use in their own backyard.

    The program is approximately 50 minutes and taught by a certified science teacher. Each program concludes with space exploration news and a Q&A.

    For years, this program was called the Scout Program because of the connection to scouting requirements. The program has not changed, but now everyone is welcome!

    Sky Map Nights for the 2024-25 school year will be posted in SEPTEMBER.

  • Visit Guide
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  • Webstore Instructions
    • Public Welcome
    • Appropriate for all ages with a target audience of SCOUTS in elementary school
    • Planetarium is not responsible for scout badges
    • Approximately 50 minutes
    • Purchase tickets online via webstore
    • Tickets appear on the webstore in September for the school year
    • Please read the VISIT GUIDE before purchasing tickets
    • Many groups purchase tickets for the same program.
    • Adults must accompany minors and purchase tickets.
    • Large groups!! One adult is REQUIRED to attend for every 5 kids.