• Mission Statement

    White Eagle is a learning community where  we embrace our diversity and encourage all students, staff and parents to be compassionate and understanding of each other's perspectives, experiences, and differences.

    Vision Statement

    White Eagle Wolves are...Kind, Safe and Ready at School, At Home and In the World!

    White Eagle's school-wide character education theme is based on the character trait of "respect".  Each classroom's behavior plan will coincide with this theme.  Students will focus on demonstrating behaviors that reflect kind, safe and ready choices.   Students are given PAWS when they show kind, safe and ready choices.  These tickets are pulled weekly and a grade level winner is chosen and recognized.  In addition, the whole school is working as a team to reach various goals throughout the day (ie: extra recess, game day) when a specific amount of paws have been collected from all grades.

    Please support our White Eagle Character Education theme by using the same kind, safe, ready terms at home!   Go White Eagle Wolves!