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  • General Information on District 204's curriculum is available here.

    Language Arts
    The language arts of reading, writing, listening, and speaking are fundamental to all learning and are integrated throughout the curriculum. The application of language arts skills is the focus of the curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  


    The primary goal of the mathematics program is to develop an individuals ability to creatively explore, reason, and analyze, as well as use a variety of mathematical methods effectively, to solve a wide range of problems. This requires instruction where problem solving is integrated, the use of manipulative materials is an essential component, mathematical reasoning is emphasized, and technological advances including computers and calculators are utilized throughout.

    Science & Health
    Science is a dynamic, open-ended, disciplined, and sequential process of investigating the natural biological and physical world. Science education strives to foster the student's natural curiosity. Scientific knowledge, skills, and the application of scientific information in solving problems is emphasized.

    Social Studies
    Social studies content includes the study of peoples and cultures, geography, history, government, and economics. Students begin their developmentally appropriate travel, through these integrated disciplines, by starting from a personal and local perspective then moving to the state level and finally onto the national level.  

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