• National PTA: Fourth Grade Parents' Guide to Student Success

    Language Arts

    • Reading: read, comprehend, and appreciate a variety of written materials
    • Writing: will write narrative, expository, and persuasive selections, as well as poetry, using the writing process
    • Listening: listen and respond to verbal presentations
    • Speaking: use spoken language to communicate ideas and information and to ask and answer questions
    • Convention/Structure: use standard English to write complete sentences and use the editing process
    • Spelling: learn correct spelling through word lists and editing



    • Number sense: Identify the value of numbers and apply estimation skills
    • Geometry: Label and describe properties of geometric shapes
    • Measurement: Use metric and customary units for length, area, volume, and weight measurement
    • Operations and computation: Use all operations, focusing on multiplication for problem solving
    • Patterns and relationships: Find patterns in numbers, shapes, and operations
    • Probability and statistics: Make and use graphs and predict probabilities



    • Content: participate in hands-on activities in the following areas:
      • Astronomy: planets
      • Earth Science: rocks and minerals
      • Health: circulatory and respiratory systems
      • Life Science: environmental factors
      • Physical Science: mystery powders
    • Skills:
      • predict
      • observe
      • collect and record data
      • interpret
      • classify
      • draw conclusions


    Social Studies

    • Content: study the five regions of the United States and the state of Illinois
    • Skills: use maps, develop citizenship, and conduct research