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    Please use the following link in the event of an "E-Learning Day" due to inclement weather.

    5th Grade E-Learning Day Presentation

    National PTA: Fifth Grade Parents' Guide to Student Success


    Unit 1---First Identity

    Unit 2---Courage

    Unit 3---Challenges, Choices, & Consequences

    Unit 4---Moving Forward 


    5th Grade Math

    Unit 1-Place Value

    Unit 2-Estimates and Computation

    Unit 3-Division

    Unit 4-Exponents and Order of Operations

    Unit 5-Geometry Explorations

    Unit 6-Fractions and Decimals

    Unit 7-Add/Subtract Fractions and Decimals

    Unit 8-Mult/Div Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Unit 9-Using Data and Conversions

    Unit 10-Coordinates, Area,Volume, Capacity

    Unit 11-Using Data, Algebra Concepts, and Skills

    Accelerated Math

    Unit 1-Fractions and Decimals

    Unit 2-Rates, Ratios, Proportions

    Unit 3-Rational Numbers

    Unit 4-Expressions

    Unit 5-Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 6-Geometry
    Unit 7-Statistics